Friday, April 3, 2009

Naive Super for May 1st? And some responses.

Overall I think I agree with many of Mom's complaints - at least about him fabricating some of the material, but because I enjoyed the book more I gave more of a liberty allowance. However, I didn't get the sense that he did not put his time into the research. To me it sounded like he tracked down all sorts of people to draw from when compiling Lev's story.

If nothing else it has provided good discussion. I think Jeanette didn't read it at all and Dad's comments were a bit limited from how much he enjoyed the book, so Dad write more!

And moving on, let's set a date for Naive Super. I wrote in an email or something that I like the idea of just setting a date to begin discussion and those who get to it can write and others can submit comments late or give the book a miss if they cannot get to it for some reason. How about May 1st? It looks pretty short.

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